The Shows

Edmonton’s WINTER SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL features 2 exciting full-length, site-specific productions.

A Midsummer Night's Dream


Shakespeare’s hilarious summer comedy is given a winter makeover this year, in a riotous new production from Edmonton’s WINTER SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL.

Join those merry mechanicals, libidinous lovers, and quarrelling faeries in the mysterious depths of the Athenian forest this year, as the mischievous Puck leads you on a journey back through time; away from the deep freeze of the Edmonton winter, and into the mystical world of Ancient Greece.

Directed by Lodestar Theatre’s brilliant Max Rubin, this production promises to be the darkly comic Winter Dream you have all been waiting for!

Julius Caesar


Shakespeare’s timeless tale of a tyrant’s rise and fall is brought bursting back to life this winter, with a pulsating new production at Edmonton’s WINTER SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL.

The future of the Republic rests upon the edge of a knife. A faction of loyal conspirators plot to save Rome from the throws of tyranny, but what happens after the tyrant’s fall? And who can protect the Republic from its even more dangerous enemies within?

Staged amid the vaulted arches of Holy Trinity’s Sanctuary Space, you will be transported back into the vibrant – yet eerily familiar - world of Ancient Rome, in an epic new production that is not to be missed!

Holy Trinity Anglican Church 10037 84 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2G6


Holy Trinity Anglican Church

10037 84 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2G6

Built in 1893 the Holy Trinity is one of the oldest parishes in the Edmonton area and is a provincial registered historic site.

The Church was designed in a modified English Gothic style by Strathcona architects Henry and Arthur Whiddington.

The building is made of clinker-bricks and incorporates a large front bell tower with battlement inspired parapet details.

The interior features beautiful stained-glass windows and crafted dark wood paneling as well as an impressive organ.